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saivian scam reviews

Saivian Scam Reviews

There are a lot of websites claiming that this New MLM company Saivian is a scam, it’s NOT. It’s attracting the best business figures in the MLM industry, legitimate Network Marketers that wants a better model of recruiting and growing their business. After all it’s a business to meet and grow your network, which eventually equals your net worth. Saivian’s model took awhile to create or better yet to “evolve”, this was only possible because of the internet and that the masses are okay with doing business on the internet. Saivian had evolve to something that can be very lucrative business revenue alternative that most full time employees can surely take a good chance to create another revenue stream. The model is simply fabulously easy to follow and get revenue generating as quick as 30 days. Watch the compensation video on this site, and it will explain how the whole 20% cash back works.

Save on what you are already buying

The best of both worlds, Saivian had tapped into something that works, getting money back from all the shopping that you already do. Most MLM companies biggest hurdle is to train the new member to a new behavior, ie. drink or consume their products, from vitamins to wine. Saivian cleverly got rid of the new behavior change or the requirement, Saivian simply rewarded you with 20% cash back to your current spending habits, ie. gas, groceries, restaurants online purchase. Now that was one brilliant move on the leader of Saivian John Sheehan President of Saivian. With the help of Kevin Marino Master Affiliate, this new model MLM is spreading faster than expected. Everyone is excited with the new concept of getting cash back savings from their own spending habits.

saivian reviews

Marketing is simple to, as the internet like facebook you can market direct to Moms or working families looking to add more revenue to their monthly income. With the Compensating Model where you can make more money by getting others to save more on their already buying. How hard is it to tell someone how to save more money on what they currently buy, and make extra money by telling others to do the same? I think this is much simpler than telling some one this vitamin will grow your hair. You get my meaning.

Scam or Opportunity

Well, for my experienced with Saivian, this company has delivered what they promised and then some. Great leaders with great guidance and an easy way to share the opportunity without a demand to change member’s behavior, I think this will continue to be a winner in the MLM industry. This is the best model that works for direct selling, or more commonly word of mouth kind of business that immediately pays without the need to changed people’s everyday habits. This is the best model for word of mouth business, save money and make money at the same time. Take advantage of this opportunity before this gets saturated, get on early and share the vision of the company.

Saivian just added cash back to your Travel expenses, this is a great addition to the product line. Now you covered pretty much all of what most family needs, more savings on their daily purchases and with travel too. I’m going to add a video to this page so that you may see some of their compensation plan. Take a second to watch the video, and then if you decide to join, I will add a link for you to get started.  Click here to Join Saivian

Welcome and share this post to your friends and family, and let’s get you started in the Saivian Family and start getting 20% cashback on most of your spending. See you at the top.