Saivian- Great opportunity or Scam

saivian review or Scam

Saivian Scam Reviews

Saivian  a new  network marketing company  is  surprising a lot of the MLM companies or  in the ”  direct selling”  industry.   Something new in an old  direct sales  industry, usually  disrupts the old traditional MLM.  Makes  people wonder if this  successful company is a scam? According to their numbers,  Saivian recruited more than 10,000 new members in just a few months raising some eyebrows along the way.   Specially,  in a tainted world of direct sales, where a few bad companies have given the referral or relational selling companies a bad wrap. As I wrote this review I gave it special attention, I was very curious how they pull that off. Saivian are using new online technologies and very new shift with their MLM compensation model that made this new  MLM company,  “Saivian” to take off. So first off,  Saivian  is not a scam, it’s a pretty ingenious model that eliminated some of the weaknesses that plagued the relational selling industry have been fighting with. This  creates some haters out there and they try to convince you that their product or network is better, why? because they can’t change their model. If your MLM model does not closely relate to the economic times then it may be, they are “dying on the vine” before you even started.  With the easy price entry to this company, and a quick way to save money and make money, you have a combination that is hard to beat.

For Example for the hay days of 2005, a MLM company that was selling wine as their product of choice did really well, when most had more disposal income until the economic bubble burst and it’s membership slowed down. I have not checked into what their current numbers are, but I’m sure with the recessions and employment numbers really have not improved, I’m sure you’d think again to keep your inventory requirement and nobody are staying.

Also since 2001 when Walmart and Dollar Stores, or 99 cent store have dominated the retail stores is a major signs that most families are trying to find value and save money as they try to survive this recessions. These two economic forces, saving money (force to saving) and finding new employment for higher wages (next to impossible), Saivian is offering these two major solutions to the new members.

To any person being invited to join the  network marketing world, this advice is a must. Find or Join a MLM model that address the 2 needs, saving money and making money. This is going to be a big trend in the next 5 years or longer if our new president or government don’t get their act together.

saivian review or Scam

So here’s a video that explains how the compensation works and have you understand how the 2 things you want is with Saivian, Saving money and Making money.

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History lesson with the MLM industry

I’m going to do my best to let an individual know something that very few people realize in the MLM game, first this is a real business! This will right away open up your mind to the legitimacy with network marketing industry, that this industry had process and maturity to evolve as a real money making venture that we have today. Throughout current times, most well identified (we’re talking Fortune 500 companies) standard companies are participating in, how anyone can sell their goods by means of network and/or word of mouth without the expense of commercial advertising. Few best examples are; “Discovery Toys” markets their products exclusively through network marketing as their marketing strategy,  sales figures exceeded $100 million. Sprint’ MCI along with AT&T created his or her own U.S. telephone sales accessible only by means of network advertising companies. Major retail chains similar to BestBuy also use of “internet marketers” to sell products their own stores along with products. I think that Saivian is another emerging company with the right model, the right services, the right leadership, right timing and that this is going to be one to be used in history of the MLM. So the defining conclusion is that Saivian is NOT a scam. It’s real and its’ working.

So here are some facts of the history of MLM:

1. MLM,  typically referred to as network marketing these days, may be about since the 1940s, the vitamin company Nutrilite.

2. in 1959, Amway has been born. These People ultimately took more than Nutrilite, along with Multi Level Marketing way looked back.

3. The Actual good results regarding Amway drew attention; hence multiple network advertising companies were born.

4. The Particular 1960 those who ruin it for all came along. They Will observed the opportunity of lucrative rewards, created any counterfeit model of MLM, along with Ponzi and also pyramid schemes were developed. This particular caused the network marketing enterprise to become associated with the term “scam”.

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5. With the particular urging via petition simply by ethical MLM companies, the us government set up ethical practices for a reputable MLM organization along with clearly defined what MLM is.

6. MLM companies  that are usually truly just pyramid schemes obtain closed up relatively swiftly like a result of the actual laws which happen in order to be place directly into place.

7. Since MLM got into existence, your business features evolved right straight into a wide variety of companies with a diverse selection of items to become able to sell, excellent compensation plans, as well as resources to assist his or her marketers build their extremely own business. Regardless of every 1 of the bumps in the road, MLM can end up being a thriving market and a extremely good way to create a enterprise pertaining to yourself.

Network Marketing used as a referral marketing is a strategy play to eliminate ineffective advertising costs that ultimate creates products sold. This is was faster and more lucrative for the strong companies that can provide support and guidance to their network of independent sales associates. Saivian had pivoted and streamlined its way for their members to make their money and it’s downline to continue to make money, eliminating the need to train new members to a new habit. They (saivian model) have tapped into the easiest way to create revenue thru its MLM model. You need to pay attention to this details, because it’s the weakness of all network company is to get their member to make money as soon as 30days from start.  Most successful MLM companies are the ones that can get it’s sales associates to make revenue within 30days and if possible have them recruit new members at least 3 new members within 30days. This has proven to have a better chance of the new sales associate to continue to create new revenues and continue to build a bigger team almost 60% more than a member that could not hit these goals.